Find Your Septic Tank Before A Mess Finds You

Many people don’t actually know where their septic tank is on their property.

If you live on an older property, the septic tank may not be correctly noted on the property map.

The same can be true if you recently moved and weren’t given all the utility details of your property.

There are two main reasons why it’s valuable to know where your septic tank is located: staying alert for leaks, and keeping your yard intact.

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Stay Alert for Leaks

The quickest, and most unfortunate, way to find out where your septic tank is located is when you have a problem with it.

In the worst case scenario, you’ll find your septic tank once it starts to malfunction. You’ll notice pools and puddles around your property. You’ll also notice the smell.

Smaller leaks can result in longer, greener grass.

Identifying these things can be difficult if you don’t know your septic tank is nearby.

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Keep Your Yard Intact

When a septic service company comes to your property to clean or repair your septic system, they have to dig up part of your yard to get to the tank.

A reliable service company will use magnetic locators to find the tank. But some companies still use outdated methods that force them to dig over and over before they find it.

This can leave you with a yard full of holes and dead grass.

A&A Septic Services uses modern technology to identify your septic tank, and we only dig once.

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Septic Tank Locating Services

A&A Septic offers septic tank locating services to make your life easier.

Our crew will pinpoint your septic tank quickly. We’ll also advise you on how to look out for potential problems around your tank.

Contact A&A Septic Services today to schedule your septic tank locating service.

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