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Grease Trap Pumping Services in the Palestine, TX, Area

A&A Septic Services provides grease trap services for Palestine, TX, commercial kitchens.

Grease traps are designed to protect municipal sewers from being clogged by oils, fats, and grease produced in commercial kitchens.

With regular tank pumping from A&A Septic, you’ll ensure that you’re adhering to city and local codes–all while protecting your business, staff, and customers.

If you need regular grease trap cleaning services or are having an emergency, contact A&A Septic Services today to speak with a technician about how we can help.

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Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

You should probably have your grease trap pumped every 1-3 months, depending on how busy your kitchen is. Some signs that your trap needs cleaning include:

Slow-Running Drains

Grease traps are located between your sinks and the city’s sewer line. If they’re filled, your sinks may drain slowly. They may not drain at all. A&A Septic Services can help.

Bad Smells

Grease traps store solids, oils, and water–all of which can smell terrible without regular cleaning. If you smell something foul in your kitchen or around your sink, you need pumping.

25% Rule

If the volume of grease in your trap exceeds 25% of the trap’s total volume, you’ll need to schedule pumping. Failure to do so may cause backups and other problems.

Grease is Leaking

If grease is leaking from the trap or backing up your drains, there is a problem. A&A Septic’s routine & emergency grease trap cleaning will get everything back to normal.

Emergency Grease Trap Cleaning in Palestine, TX

A&A Septic Services provides emergency grease trap services for Palestine, TX, businesses.

A grease trap emergency can grind your business to a halt and endanger you, your employees, and your customers.

It may even result in sanctions from the local government.

We won’t let that happen. Contact A&A Septic Services 24/7 to schedule an emergency service call to pump your malfunctioning grease trap.

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Why Customers Choose A&A Septic Services


Commitment to Service

We’re a service business, and every member of the A&A Septic Services team is committed to providing our clients with service they can depend on.


Quick Response Times

We’ve built a fleet of trucks to ensure that we’re able to get to our clients quickly. Whether it’s regular pumping or an emergency, A&A Septic Services will be there.


Affordable Pricing

We strive to give our clients the best band for their buck possible. We understand that you’re a small business. That’s why we offer grease trap cleaning at affordable rates.

Contact A&A for Tank Pumping Services in Palestine, TX

We’re a full service septic and grease trap pumping company. Contact A&A Septic Services to schedule routine or emergency tank pumping services.

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