Avoid Costly Messes & Malfunctions

Blocks and backups to your wastewater system aren’t just messy. They affect everyone who lives in your service area.

The best way to support the people in your service area is through regular professional cleaning for your treatment facility.

A&A Septic Services is here to make cleaning your wastewater station a breeze. Our crew can handle any size job, and we’re available 24/7 for emergency calls.

Contact A&A Septic Services to clean your municipal wastewater station in the Tyler, TX, area.

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Professional Wastewater Removal in Tyler, TX

Save Time

Cleaning a wastewater facility is a big undertaking. Let our crew handle it for you

Thorough Inspection

We check over every inch of your system, not just the surface waste.

Avoid Future Messes

Professionally cleaned facilities have less chance for flooding & backups.

Let Us Give You A Lift

Even the best lift stations leave waste solids behind in your holding well. Over time, those solids build up and can block or damage your pumps.

A&A Septic Services offers lift station pumping to make sure your system is totally clean.

Don’t risk preventable damage to your lift station system. Call A&A Septic for quick, professional lift station pumping in the Tyler, TX, area.

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Why Choose A&A Septic Services?

  • We’ve helped East Texans avoid septic tank messes for over 20 years.
  • We’re family owned, and we treat every service call like we would our own homes.
  • Our fleet of vehicles is standing by to respond to your call quickly.
  • Available for 24/7 emergency services, if the worst should happen.
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