Professional Septic Cleaning in Henderson, TX

Septic tank issues can stop your plans in their tracks.

Whether it’s at your home or business, flooding or backups create a huge mess that you have to clean up. And even after it’s clean, you still have to repair the problem.

A&A Septic Services is here to help you when those unthinkable emergencies happen, and we also provide a range of septic tank pumping and cleaning services to keep your system running mess-free.

Call A&A Septic Services today for professional service in Henderson, TX, today.

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Pumping Services from A&A Septic Services

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Septic Systems

Regular maintenance and cleaning is key to keeping your septic system running smoothly and avoiding costly messes.

Contact A&A Septic Services to schedule your cleaning today.

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Aerobic Systems

Aerobic septic systems need to maintain a special balance in order to work properly, so it’s important to have them regularly cleaned. Call A&A for expert maintenance on your aerobic system.

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Lift Stations

A&A Septic Services can provide pumping and cleaning services for your wastewater station. We’re also available for 24-hour emergency calls.

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Grease Traps

Keeping your grease trap clean is vital to protecting your wastewater system and keep your restaurant functioning the way it should. Call A&A today to schedule your grease trap pumping.

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And More

Does your facility have a different or specialized tank system? A&A Septic Services can provide cleaning for nearly any system. Call us to see how we can help with yours.

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Why Customers Choose A&A Septic Services for Septic Tank Pumping in Henderson, TX


Trusted Reputation

A&A has been an East Texas leader in septic system services since 2001. Our name is our reputation, and we guarantee quality service at every appointment.


Quick Response Time

We’ve built up a fleet of trucks to serve more customers more quickly. This means we’re available for 24-hour emergency service when you need it most.


Affordable Rates

With A&A, you never have to choose between the service you need and the quality you deserve. Our prices are affordable so you can care for your system without breaking the bank.

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Keep your septic system at peak performance with regular professional cleaning. Call A&A Septic Services today to schedule an appointment.

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