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Grease Trap Pumping Services in Longview, TX, and the Surrounding Area

A&A Septic Services is committed to helping Longview, TX, businesses protect their investment and our city’s wastewater management.

Grease traps are designed to prevent fats, oils, and other debris from kitchens–commercial or otherwise–from entering the municipal sewer lines. Without them, Longview, TX, sewer lines might clog.

But they need regular pumping to perform their best. A&A Septic Services offers grease trap cleaning services to ensure your business is adhering to local health codes.

Whether you’re looking for regular pumping or are having an emergency, we’re here for you. Contact A&A Septic Services today to schedule your grease trap service.

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Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

Depending on your business, you should get your grease pumped every 1-3 months. This will ensure that your trap never overflows, potentially driving business away.

Slow-Running Drains

Grease traps are located between your sink drains and the sewer system. If your drains are running slow or backing up, chances are you need grease trap pumping services.

Bad Smells

If your kitchen smells and you can’t seem to find what’s causing the odor, there’s a good chance your grease trap needs grease trap cleaning services.

25% Rule

Your grease trap often holds water, some solids, and other debris. Grease should be no more than 25% of the total height of the trap. If it is, you need grease trap pumping.

Grease is Leaking

Perhaps the most dramatic and alarming sign is your trap is leaking, or your drains are backing up grease, you need immediate, emergency trap pumping services.

Emergency Grease Trap Cleaning in Longview, TX

If you’re experiencing an emergency with your grease trap, you need immediate assistance. Whether it’s an unexpected backup or you need to pump the tank for a repair person to inspect, A&A Septic Services offers emergency grease trap pumping services.

If your grease trap is backing up, you’re at risk of losing business. You may also face consequences with the local authorities. We’re here to help protect you from that exposure.

Call us immediately for emergency grease trap pumping.

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Why Customers Choose A&A Septic Services


Commitment to Quality

We’re driven by the need to provide top-tier customer satisfaction, no matter what we’re doing for our customers. This means doing good work and helping wherever we can.


Quick to Respond

We run multiple trucks in our service area so that we’re able to respond to our customer's needs promptly. We’re also able to offer 24/7 emergency services.


Affordable Pricing

We want our customers to get the most “Bang for their buck,” and we have priced our services to do just that.

Tank Pumping Services in the Longview, TX, Area

If you need grease trap pumping in the Longview, TX, area, contact A&A Septic Services to speak with a technician and to schedule a service call.

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