Make Sure Your Septic Tank Is Safe & Clean

The lid of your septic tank needs to be easily accessible so that your tank can be inspected and cleaned.

But because the lid is so close to ground level, it’s prone to damage.

A vehicle driving over your septic lid can crack it, which allows dirt and other debris to fall into the tank.

Lids can also simply wear out over time due to outdoor conditions and weather.

A&A Septic can replace your tank lid to keep your yard and your tank safe.

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Why You Need To Replace Broken Tank Lids

Avoid Clogs From Dirt & Debris

Dirt falling into your septic tank can lead to costly clogs and malfunctions.

The system isn’t designed to handle outside debris, even if the tank is otherwise clean and operating properly.

Even small amounts of dirt or other foreign objects can interfere with your septic tank’s process.

To ensure that your septic system stays working for you, make sure that the lid is securely in place on your tank.

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Safety for Children & Small Animals

Unsecured or damaged septic lids can create a safety hazard for kids and small animals.

Most residential septic lids are between 1”-2” wide. If the lid is displaced or removed, there is enough exposed space for someone to trip and injure themselves.

In the worst case, young kids or small pets can fall into an exposed tank opening.

Having a sturdy septic lid will keep the people and pets around your yard safe.

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Secure Your Septic Tank Lid Today

When it’s time to replace your septic tank lid, A&A Septic Services has you covered.

We can inspect your septic lid, then make recommendations and install the best replacement for you. We can also inspect your whole septic system to make sure it’s functioning at its best for you.

Call A&A Septic for a quote today.

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