Efficient & Affordable Commercial Grease Trap Pumping in Tyler, TX

The last thing a restaurant wants is for its grease trap to fail and overflow. It’ll will ruin your and your customer’s day.

A&A Septic Services can help. We offer commercial grease trap cleaning and pumping services in Tyler, TX, and the surrounding area.

Your employees don’t have to draw straws to see who cleans the grease trap. Contact A&A Septic Services today to schedule us to pump out your grease trap.

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Grease Trap Pumping in Tyler, TX

Without regular pumping, your grease trap will accumulate fats, oil, and grease. Debris and other solids will also collect in the trap.

These fats and debris will eventually turn rancid. Without regularly pumping out your grease trap, you run the risk of those smells penetrating into your business.

A&A Septic Systems offers efficient, affordable grease trap cleaning solutions for our customers. After scheduling your service date, we’ll send a truck to you. They’ll pump out your grease trap and eliminate any hazard it may have caused.

We’re also able to offer emergency services. If your grease trap backs up, we can get a truck to your business quickly so you don’t have to worry about losing business.

If your grease trap is full, contact A&A Septic Services today to schedule a service appointment.

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Why Businesses Choose A&A Septic Services for Grease Trap Cleaning


Commitment to Quality

A&A Septic Services has built a company culture around professionalism and providing high-quality service on every job site, large or small.


Quick to Respond

A&A Septic Service runs multiple trucks in our service area, allowing us to get to our clients quickly and efficiently.


Affordable Pricing

As small business owners ourselves, we understand price is always a factor. With A&A, you don’t have to choose between good work or affordable prices.

Contact A&A Septic Services for Grease Trap Service in Tyler, TX

If you’re a restaurant or other business that needs grease or grit trap cleaning, contact A&A Septic Services today to speak with a representative and to schedule a service call.

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